Optimisation of microbial DNA profiling laboratory methods

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Gilbert (UCPH), Bunce (CU), Rouillard (Biodiscovery LLC), Bennedsen, (ChrH*)
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University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (Denmark)
36 months

Metagenomic analysis of wine and associated environments faces a number of technical challenges, ranging from the extraction of DNA at low concentrations, overcoming likely DNA damage, purification of challenging inhibitors and so on. The focus of this PhD is the development of a validated, accurate and replicable Illumina sequencing based DNA fingerprinting technique with which to fully characterise the DNA (whether intact or degraded) within grape juice and the associated biological waste, from the fermentation stage through to old bottles.

The research will likely involve both shotgun metagenomic approaches plus considerable application and optimization of target-capture methodologies, thanks to the expertise and participation of Biodiscovery LLC, one of the leaders in the application of target-capture technology to complex samples.

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Sarah Siu Tze Mak