Genomics effects of grape plants on the differential microbial communities

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Patrice This & Jean-Pierre Péros (INRA, Montpellier, France)
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INRA, Montpellier (France)
36 months

Quality of wine is the result of complex and finely regulated interactions between plant genetics, environmental conditions and microbial communities. In this PhD project we aim to assess the relative importance of these different factors and their interactions.

First, we will analyze the SNP variation in a set of ~50 cultivars chosen to represent a large diversity and different parentage levels using a new DNA Illumina sequencing methodology. In parallel, shot-gun and amplicon sequencing will be applied to identify the microbiota associated with the grape genotypes as in other ESRs. The correlation between polymorphism in the grape genome and the microbial composition will be studied using genome wide association methods.

Secondly, the environmental variability will be determined for a few cultivars repeated across sites in the network using the same protocols. The PhD student (biologist with great interest in bioinformatics) will be collaboratively trained for bioinformatics learning with other partners in MICROWINE.

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Prashant Singh