Developing bioinformatics tools for wine fermentation, wine quality and wine health

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Professor Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten (Technical University of Denmark), Mads Bennedsen (ChrH*)
Host instution: 
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
36 months

Data collected within the different MICROWINE projects will be plenty and complex. In order to facilitate downstream analysis of the role of microbial diversity and the functional differences of the microbial communities in wine fermentation, wine quality and wine health, this PhD project will develop new tools that will address many of the unique challenges of microbiome systems biology.

Guided by the challenges of the fellow data producing work packages, this project will use the state of the art High-Performance-Computing infrastructure at CBS to develop and improve analytical tools for both assembling the metagenomic data, and determining and mining out information of maximal relevance. Key focus of this PhD project will be on data integration, custom bioinformatics tools based on machine learning and probabilistic/Bayesian modeling and next-generation sequencing analysis.

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Early Stage Researcher: 
Franziska Klincke