Deciphering the role of soil geochemistry in microbial community structure

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Kurt Kjær (University of Copenhagen) and Lars Hestbjerg Hansen (Aarhus University)
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University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (Denmark)
36 months

Geochemistry plays a major role in understanding the microbial community structure of soils. The focus of the Ph.D. is to further develop and apply cutting edge X-ray fluorescence techniques in order to profile the elemental composition of the soil from directly around the vines from which metagenomic communities will be analysed. These findings will be critical to determining what the most significant determinants are with regards to shaping the microbial metagenomic composition in vinyards. The research will like involve different type of soils in order understanding the spatial distribution of elements in landscapes from both formerly glaciated and non-glaciated region in Europe.

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Rui Santini