Department of Environmental Science (ENVS), Århus University

AU Aarhus University is the second largest university in Denmark with 39.000 enrolled students, producing 260 Ph.D.s annually, with 200 enrolled PhD students at the Faculty of Science and Technology. In the QS World University Ranking AU ranked 91 in 2013. AU’s research and training expertise cover all ranges of academic disciplines. The Department of Environmental Science (ENVS) is also highly interdisciplinary - the expertise ranges from physics, chemistry, microbiology and mathematical modelling to social science, geography, economics and policy analysis. The section of microbiology provides expertise in evaluating environmental risks of introduced microorganisms and research on microbial diversity and function in relation to plant health and the environment provide independent, evidence-based scientific advice to government regulatory agencies – primarily the Environmental Protection Agency and the Nature Agency, thereby providing a multidisciplinary training platform for PhD students.

Role and key persons: 

ESR6 and ESR7 will be hosted and principally supervised by Professor Lars Hestbjerg Hansen (20%), with additional input to soil composition and biodiversity analysis from Assoc Profs Anne Winding (5%) and Anders Johansen (5%).

Research facilities, infrastructure and equipment: 

The ENVS department has a modern well-equipped laboratory with instruments needed for microbiological, molecular and microbe-genomic research, with an new inhouse MiSeq sequencing platform capable of handling any microbial sequencing efforts and Prof Hestbjerg still affiliated to the National high-thoughput sequencing centre.